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Branwen, an ancient Goddess from Wales, known as the Goddess of love & beauty. Legend shows that she was the daughter of Penarddun and Llyr. Later on, it is said that she and the king of Ireland got married, however it did not bring peace between the Welsh and Irish.(1)

She is the sister of Bran the Blessed who was King of the entire Island of the Mighty. Branwen is, according to the people, loved for her compassion, gentleness and beauty. She was also the embodiment of sovereignty. She is the center for where all life becomes. She rules the land both by its spirit and manifestation. She see’s the entirety of things as a whole, not just bits and pieces. Even if it is too much to bear.

Her name means “White Raven”. Her story is based around a slandered wife. The Goddess, similar to Rhiannon, was falsely accused and then suffered through persecution after she married someone from a different world than her. The Irish King Matholuch came to Wales  to ask for Branwen’s hand in marriage. She was surprised  that her, out of all the woman of the old tribe, would be giving birth to the next king.

As so, she left Wales and her people to marry a foreigner. When he sets eyes on her, she had raven hair and pale white skin. Although she hated and regretted leaving her people, she was caught in the grip of first love and she knew that she had to go with him. During the celebrations, on of her brothers appeared and was angry that he was not involved in this decision.

Due to this, he maimed the Irish horses in a horrible fashion. This one act caused an uproar and set the two nations on the verge of war. The Irish marched back to their ships full of anger. Due to the Welsh’s traditions, they could not gibe them the atonement the Irish needed. Which was their brother. They instead offered face value. They also offered the Irish the cauldron of rebirth.

The Irish decided to settle on that and Branwen sailed off with her husband to her new land. The people were taken by her charm and beauty. The couple were happy for many years and bore a son, Gwern. He was sure that his son would be the next king. The incident that happened in Wales began to surface. (2) Eventually, they required the King to set Branwen aside and punish her for her brother’s sin’s.

She spent 3 years in shame whilst enduring beatings while working in a hot kitchen. Bran finally got word of what was happening and war broke out between the two nations. The Irish used the cauldron to make demon warriors. Terrible battles ensued and finally Evnissyen, accepting responsibility for what had happened, sacrificed himself by jumping into the cauldron and breaking it from within.

Everyone was engulfed by toxic fumes and by morning, everyone was dead except for those sheltered in the Halls of Tara and the House of Bran. Bran was killed and Branwen died from a broken heart.(3)


Animals: Raven, crow, dove, sparrow & starling Area of Influence: Love, beauty, spring & inspiration Aspect: Maiden Colors: White, silver & green Crystals: Aquamarine, rose quartz, emerald, peridot, coral & copper Direction: East Element: Air Incense: Apple blossom, rose, sandalwood, mug wort, elder & mint

Magickal Associations: Invoking beginnings, energy, vitality, new projects, ideas, inspiration, energy & freedom Pantheon: Celtic Planet: Venus Plants: Foxglove & blackberry Symbols: Cauldron, cups, starling & waxing moon Tarot Cards: Cauldron & wands Trees: Elder & birch

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