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She is a Welsh Goddess of spring that was created from flowers. She is also the wife of Lleu Llaw Gyffes. Her husband is the son of the Goddess Arianrhod. Blodeuwedd was created by a pair of great magicians named Math and Gwydion. They created her to be the mate of Lleu. This was required because, Lleu’s mother had placed a curse on him stating that he would never have a wife from any race on the earth.

She was created from 9 different types of blossoms. Oak, meadow-sweet, broom, cockle, bean, nettle, chestnut, primrose and hawthorn. They then breathed life into her. Blodeuwedd ended up being bad for Lleu and with this being said, her and her lover Gronw Pebyr, plotted against him and killed him. He could only be harmed in one pose or position and that is what they had tricked him into doing. Getting into that pose. They then killed him. After so, she was punished by being transformed into an owl. A solitary animal with a predatory instinct.

She is the white Goddess of both life and death. She is also a part of the triad as the lover.(Goddess Blodeuwedd. (2019)) Although she was created by men, to fulfill their own need. Also to assure Lleu’s right to the throne, to rule the land. She managed to find a way to awaken herself. To free herself, to feel and conquer her own desires and her own fate. Her actions caused many to view her in an ill or negative manner. They call her the betrayer, faithless wife and fickle. However, her story can serve to teach a lesson. A lesson on manipulating woman, controlling their fate and limiting women’s choices. (Shaw, J. (2019)) She lived a very sheltered and short life which she was held under the influence of both her husband and his uncle.

Due to this, she never made an important decision or even know the concept of free will. She had always been told how to act, what to think, how she should dress and even who she could be friends with or keep company with. She is known as the Virgin Welsh Goddess of Spring. Many believing that she was as deadly as she was beautiful. She is the aspect of the maiden in the Triple Goddess Trinity. The festival of flowers, better known as Beltaine is held in honor of her. She wanted nothing more than to be herself. She is one whom should be admired, not shamed. (Blodeuwedd)

She shows strength, courage and perseverance. She should be a role model for woman. A lesson to never give up. Never stop fighting for what you believe in and following what your gut says. To follow your instincts. Trust in the path you are headed down and own it!


Animals: Owl

Aspects: Triple Goddess, maiden

Colors: White, yellow, pink, red(any flower color)

Culture: Celtic/Welsh

Day: Monday

Element: Air, earth, water

Foods: Apples, carrots

Gemstones: Agate, amber, beryl, blood-stone, diamond & garnet

Herbs: Any flowering plant, broom, meadow-sweet, primrose, cockle, bean & nettle

Influences: Growth, strength, independence, freedom

Moon Phase: Full

Offerings: Lilies

Planet: Moon, Venus

Sabbat: Beltane

Season: Spring

Symbols: Flowers, lilies, owls

Time of Day: Night

Trees: Oak, chestnut, hawthorn or any flowering tree

Zodiac: Scorpio & Aquarius

Magickal Associations: Wisdom, moon mysteries, initiation, growth, strength, independence, freedom, courage, perseverance

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