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She is a Celtic moon Goddess as well as of the sky and stars. She has been known as the Goddess of childbirth, magick, justice and night. Within the Wales culture, she is also known as the Goddess of the Wheel of the Year and of the Full moon. As well as destiny, fertility, death and reincarnation. She is the Goddess of Feminine power and a major part of the divine feminine.

Legand says that she was the most powerful of all of her siblings, children of Don and her consort Beli. Arianrhod is also said to be very beautiful with very pale skin. She was both the sister of the wife to Gwydion as well as mother to the twins Llew and Dylan; sun and sea Gods. She was a magickal and maiden Goddess. She lived her life surrounded only by women. She did have a wilder side though. She lived a freer and wilder life, enjoying sexual relations specifically with mermen. Her symbols are the cauldron and a white sow.

The Goddesses name means “silver wheel” or “silver circle”, “virgin white Goddess of birth, initiation, death and rebirth”, “Silver wheel that descends into the sea”. (1) Arianrhod’s uncle was King Math and he was also a teacher and a wizard. King Math was required to keep his feet placed in the lap of a virgin at anytime that he was not in battle. His first virgin foot holder, was Goewin; she was deflowered and Math asked Arianrhod to take her place. In order for her to do this, she had to prove that she was a virgin. To do this, she had to step over a magick rod. When she did, twin boys fell out from between her legs. Math named one of her boys Dylan. The other was stolen by her brother Gwydion and raised a magick forest. She was mad about what she endured and put 3 curses on the boy named Lleu.

1. He shall have no name except the one she gives him.
2. He shall bear no arms except those that she gives him.
3. He shall have no wife of any race found on earth.

However, though tricking and deceiving her, Gwidion gets her break the first 2 curses. The third however, Gwidion & Math decieves Arianrhod and creates Bloudwedd; whom was made of flowers, to be Lleu’s bride. Arianrhod, retreated to her castle Caer Arianrhod to the treachery of King Math, her son and brother. She later drowned here when the sea reclaimed the land. (2) Arahnrod also rules the arts, magick and manifestation. (3)


Panteon: Celtic Element: Air, water Colors: Silver, white, blue, purple, green Animal: Owl Tree: Birch

Sabbat: Yule Stones: Moonstone, geodes Day of the week: Monday Moon phase: Full Time: Midnight Offerings: Silver coins, wheat, candles(white and green) Correspondences: Wheels, silver, wheat, full moon, blood, help females find their feminine power, spirit contact, sex & fertility magick, past life knowledge, bless hand fasting rites

Herbs: Apple, catnip, lilac, raspberry, strawberry Planet: Moon Trinity: Mother (2)

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